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Newsletter February 2024

Message from the Chair

The Confederation holds monthly business networking events in the Greater Hobart area. Our events have speakers that talk on a variety of topics that relate to small business.

Edwin Johnstone
Chair, Confederation of Greater Hobart Business

Racism Hurts Me Initiative

Sherlock & Dutta Consulting are looking for partners to sponsor an Anti-Racism Initiative aimed at addressing this issue within Tasmania.

If you would like to be part of this initiative and have your business contribute to a more inclusive and vibrantly diverse Tasmanian community, please contact the CEO and Director, Dr Zelinda Sherlock.

Business Networking Event for March

Discover the untapped power within you with Trish Goodfield

Unlocking human potential isn’t about finding a magical key, it’s about tapping into your own unique ‘weird wisdom’, as Trish calls it. With over two decades of experience, Trish specializes in guiding individuals and organizations to discover this inner wisdom and unleash a world of possibilities.

  • Location: 83 Salamanca Place, Hobart
  • Date: Tuesday 19th March 2024
  • Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
  • Cost: $10 members / $20 non members
  • Food and drinks will be provided

Welcome New Board Members

Welcome our two newest board members: Joakim Karlsson from Sincura Consulting and Jason Reed from Talent Advisory.

Our board is made up of five members from varying backgrounds, but all have a passion to see small businesses prosper in Greater Hobart.

MEDIA RELEASE: Rates Rise Pain

Many small businesses in Hobart are just hanging on at the moment during this seemingly never-ending cost-of-living crisis. The latest challenge about to be landed at their feet are potential increased commercial rates from the Hobart City Council.

Welcome to new member Cyberwise Australia.

Cyberwise Australia exists to help empower, advise and protect Australian small-medium businesses from the vulnerabilities and threats faced in the modern cyber world.

Welcome to new member RooRush.

Welcome to new member SolutionsWon Group

They specialise in providing end-to-end property solutions for you and your business. They apply 50+ years of in-house expertise in architecture, process engineering, facility management and project delivery.

However if you have a left-field property query or are looking for a Partner to assist your property requirements go and see them.

TCCI Membership