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MEDIA RELEASE: Rates Rise Pain

Many small businesses in Hobart are just hanging on at the moment during this seemingly never-ending cost-of-living crisis. The latest challenge about to be landed at their feet are potential increased commercial rates from the Hobart City Council.

By its own admission commercial rates will be higher under the new scheme proposed to calculate rates using the capital value of a property. Increases in rates will be passed down to the business in the form of increased rents. Business needs assurance that these increases won’t be more than CPI.

Small businesses are the heart and soul of Hobart not just for their economic value but their social value. The small retail shop or cafe gives many young people their first job, a taste of financial independence and a sense of purpose within the community.

If we keep putting imposts on small businesses by raising rates, endless red tape and removing parking we will see more shops close. Stop putting extra burdens on business and let them get on with the job of offering great goods and services, employing people, growing the economy, and most of all adding value to the local community.

Hobart is at a crossroads. We have potential, the future can be bright as long as all levels of Government work towards fostering the best business environment possible so as we don’t lose these important links in the chain that make us a thriving community.

Edwin Johnstone
Chair, Confederation of Greater Hobart Business