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MEDIA RELEASE: UTAS Redevelopment Affecting Small Businesses

The current closure of a section of Brisbane Street for 16 weeks highlights the difficulties the UTAS move is having on small businesses in the CBD.

There has been a mass exodus of businesses in the area with only two now remaining in the vicinity of the Brisbane Street redevelopment.

The total lack of parking for the proposed 3000 students and 300 teachers is going to drive away what little customers are left for businesses around the UTAS developments.

UTAS has stated they may provide some parking in future developments but that will be too late as the damage has already started.

Having a range of diverse small businesses is the heart and soul of any community and they are the reason many people visit the Hobart CBD.

The prosperity and viability of small businesses in Hobart cannot be ignored while this juggernaut called UTAS continues its expansion.

Edwin Johnstone
Chair, Confederation of Greater Hobart Business