Tassie Tallow

Welcome to the home of good fat.

Tassie Tallow is not just the home of fine fat. Amongst our large range of natural, grass-fed tallow, dripping and ghee products we also stock a variety of Tasmanian produce sourced from the local farmer’s markets here in Tasmania.

Our goal is to promote animal fat as the healthier, and only, alternative to the vegetable & seed oils that dominate our diets through processed foods and negatively impact our health overall.

Why listen to the last 100 years of food science when we can reflect upon the past 2 million years of biological interaction with our main source of energy… F.A.T.

What is the difference between Tallow and Dripping?

Tallow is suet (kidney and loin) fat. Suet is a highly vascularised and nutrient dense product. It is one of nature’s richest sources of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). It is typically much firmer than body fat at room temperature.

Dripping is made from subcutaneous fat deposits around the body. When derived from free-to-roam & grass-fed animals it is a gorgeous golden colour, usually quite soft and easy to apply any time of the year.

Both are ideal for frying and deep frying due to their high smoking point at approx. 250 degrees celsius.