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Sixtisix Solutions

Creativity drives our work at SixtiSix Solutions.

Creativity helps people express themselves, learn faster, take risk, explore, connect with others and experience more harmony. Creativity is an innate skill; we are born with it. Everyone has the potential to be re-creative… to be creative again.

Creative Change Coach

Trish Goodfield is a 20+ year Pro at unlocking potential and a 40+ year Community Services veteran. She embodies transformative change, mastering the art of shifting people from knowing to doing, then doing consistently.

Work with me

Unlock your expertise, creatively. I believe that we all have the skills, knowledge and creativity to achieve everything we desire. Sometimes we need a bit of guidance to help us filter out the noise.

“Working with Trish has helped me more than I could of imagined. She is so easy to talk to and made me feel relaxed and comfortable from the start. Trish’s coaching has filled me full of confidence and enthusiasm and opened my mind to different ways of approaching things that I was once apprehensive about. I can’t recommend Trish enough, she is fantastic!”

Sarah Lee, Lees Working Dogs