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MEDIA RELEASE: Questions Raised Over Hobart Parking Fine Cancelations.

Edwin Johnstone, head of business lobby group Confederation of Greater Hobart Business is calling for a complete overhaul on how parking fines are calculated in the Hobart CBD.

“People have rightly lost confidence in the parking system, with nearly 2000 parking fines cancelled in 12 months due to officer error or system fault, the question is how many more are incorrect?”

Mr Johnstone believes the current parking regime is inherently unfair for people who overstay.

“There is no difference in the fine between 5 minutes late and 50 minutes late. The punishment does not fit the crime with people paying nearly $48.75 for being a little late after already paying for parking, this pure revenue raising”.

“At the very least the price already paid in parking should be deducted from the fine, anything less is just double dipping.

“Whilst I understand there needs to be a deterrent to overstaying, all these massive fines are driving shoppers away from local businesses”.

“Hobart businesses are under a lot of pressure at the moment with the cost-of-living crisis and UTAS shutting down our streets for lengthy periods, they do not need more pressure from exorbitant parking fines.

“The Hobart City Council should try and entice people into the city, not put-up deterrents.”