Customised workshops and coaching for organisations and individuals.

Organisational facilitation & coaching
For workplaces of all industries looking for more productivity and a positive work environment.

Individual & group coaching
For individuals and groups seeking real change through tailored coaching.

CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program)
Delivered for groups of 6 – 10 people, CHIP is an intensive lifestyle medicine intervention intended to prevent, slow and reverse disease.

A word from Marion

With a proven track record as a certified coach and facilitator, I bring a wealth of experience in working with both individuals and groups.

My professional journey has been enriched by years of engagement with organizations across Australia and New Zealand.

My passion and specialisation lie in working with individuals and teams to enhance the quality of workplace relationships.

Through tailored coaching and facilitation, I have successfully contributed to creating positive work environments that foster collaboration, communication, and overall well-being and most importantly, trust.

Optimising productivity and reducing costs has historically been behind initiatives to foster positive relationships in workplaces. However, the contemporary landscape, driven by legislative requirements accentuates the importance of managing psychosocial hazards in the workplace.

This underscores  a new understanding emphasizing that whilst organisations need to create environments that drive efficiency, they also have a responsibility to prioritise the health, safety and wellbeing of their workforce.

My approach is to facilitate workshops that encourage collaborative thinking and involvement as well as providing one-on-one coaching sessions for individuals who need support to meet their health and wellbeing goals.