Jane Clark Financial Management

100% Independent Financial Planner

Jane Clark is an Independent Financial Advisor going against the grain. She doesn’t take commissions and isn’t affected by any outside influence or bias. She offers honest, trustworthy financial advice, guidance and support to those ready to take control of their personal and business finances. She’s based just 10 minutes out of Hobart in Tasmania and welcomes new clients. 

Personal and Business Financial Advice
Wisdom. Strategy. Knowledge.

No matter who you are or what you do, we tailor advice to suit your particular circumstances.

Jane’s Approach to Financial Planning

Jane’s passion is helping people. It’s what she loves to do and it’s what she excels at. She goes against the grain and offers support, 100% unbiased financial guidance and helps clients gain complete control over their personal and business finances. 


We present information in a clear, straighforward manner and take the time to ensure that you have as much knowledge as you need to make informed decisions.

This enables you to be in control of your financial decisions as you create wealth.


We take the time to build lasting relationships so we can help you make decisions for your financial security based on truth and honesty.

By doing this we can lay solid financial foundations and then build on these over time


We apply wisdom, knowledge, and local understanding to ensure that we achieve the best possible results for you personally and for your business.

We always act in your best interests.