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Business Grant Writing

What are Grants?

Grants are specified amounts of money given to businesses to help them achieve a particular goal or do a particular thing. They include one-off grants and ongoing grant programs.

Many government agencies offer grant programs. Some are for specific industries or regions. Others are for any industry but may have a particular focus, such as employment or economic growth.

Grant funding is public money and the government has stringent processes to ensure funds are spent fairly and equitably. Each grant will have a rigorous assessment process.

Business Grants Writing Guide

If you run a small business in Tasmania and are looking for grant funding to help you grow or strengthen your business, then Business Tasmania can help you with that process.

The Business Grant and Tender site is the complete resource for preparing a grant application.

Other Resources for Grant Writing

A common misconception is that you need to use an advanced vocabulary and complex jargon to apply for a grant.

This is just not true. Writing in plain english is always best. 26TEN have written an excellent guide to help you with this.

Grants are only one option for funding your business project.

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman have an excellent resource to help you decide what kind of funding will suit you the best.