Coastal Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning in Hobart Since 2015

With a strong attention to detail I’m here to provide you with a professional, trustworthy carpet cleaning service in Hobart as well as surrounding areas, so to be sure my customers are kept smiling! Without a doubt, to this end I am always endeavouring to give my customers the best possible quality clean, every time. In any case, that is always the goal and I enjoy taking pride in this endeavour.

Quality Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning System

Currently running a top of the range truck mounted machine, as well as using safe eco-friendly chemicals and coupled with years of experience so as to deliver top-quality carpet cleaning in Hobart but also surrounding areas.

Need End of Lease Flea Treatment?

Licensed in Pest Control and mainly for End of Lease Flea Treatment, as a result, Coastal Carpet Cleaning can therefore provide a much more affordable solution to customers who may be moving out of their rental and require Carpet Cleaning but also Flea Treatment simultaneously, saving money as well as time!

Portable Carpet Cleaning Hobart

Generally most jobs are completed where possible with the truck mount however in the event that an area is unreachable, Coastal Carpet Cleaning also have a range of portable equipment so when needed allows access to more difficult and otherwise inaccessible areas such as multi-level apartment complexes and multi story hotels.

Carpet Cleaning Hobart and Also Surrounding Areas

Being that Carpets and Upholstery require both periodic maintenance and care just like many things in life,  evidentially it escapes many of us not only because we are too busy but also because we may simply not have the expertise required. So this is where I can help you, whether you need a small rug cleaned or an entire apartment complex, my mission at Coastal Carpet Cleaning above all is to deliver a quality service in addition to an affordable price