February 2024 – Mac Point 2.0 Creating a Unique Tasmanian Community Precinct

  • March 2024 – Change Management and Team Development

    Discover the untapped power within you with Trish Goodfield Unlocking human potential isn’t about finding a magical key—it’s about tapping into your own unique ‘weird wisdom’, as Trish calls it. With over two decades of experience, Trish specializes in guiding individuals and organizations to discover this inner wisdom and unleash a world of possibilities. About…

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  • Racism Hurts Me Initiative

    Jarnail Singh has run a popular Indian restaurant in Bellerive for many years, but late last year he started receiving violently threatening letters demanding ‘this is our home not yours! Go home!’, his car was repeatedly vandalised, and his home graffitied with racist slurs – for no other reason than he was not born here…

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  • April 2024 – Candidates Forum, Legislative Council Election for Hobart

    We will be holding a candidate’s forum for the upcoming Legislative Council Election for the seat of Hobart. Polling day is on Saturday 4 May 2024. More details to follow as candidate’s are announced. When: 6:00pm Tuesday 16th April 2024 Where: Battery Point Community Hall, 52 Hampden Road, Battery Point

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  • R & S Dance Revolution

    For nearly 25 years, R&S Dance Revolution has provided the Greater Hobart area with quality non-competitive dance classes for ages 2-16+ years. We make dance fun, engaging and exciting for all of our students, in a nurturing environment where truly everyone is a star. Our dedicated and compassionate team strive to create an inclusive environment…

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  • Roorush Digital

    Specialist in Digital Marketing Solutions Welcome to RooRush, your one-stop-shop for internet marketing solutions. We understand that in today’s digital age, having a strong online presence is essential to the success of any business. That’s why we offer comprehensive solutions that are designed to help you take your internet marketing to the next level. Our…

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  • Sixtisix Solutions

    Creativity drives our work at SixtiSix Solutions. Creativity helps people express themselves, learn faster, take risk, explore, connect with others and experience more harmony. Creativity is an innate skill; we are born with it. Everyone has the potential to be re-creative… to be creative again. Creative Change Coach Trish Goodfield is a 20+ year Pro…

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  • Welcome New Board Members

    Welcome our two newest board members: Joakim Karlsson from Sincura Consulting and Jason Reed from Talent Advisory. Our board is made up of five members from varying backgrounds, but all have a passion to see small businesses prosper in Greater Hobart. Current Board

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  • February 2024 – Mac Point 2.0 Creating a Unique Tasmanian Community Precinct

    Our next Business Networking Event will be held on Tuesday 20th February and feature guest speaker Dean Coleman. Dean is managing director of Stadia Precinct, the group behind the bid to construct the MacPoint 2.0 Stadium on Hobart’s waterfront. Dean will discuss the transformative impact Stadia Precinct/Mac Point 2.0 is poised to have on our…

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  • Cyberwise Australia

    Cyberwise Australia exists to help empower, advise and protect Australian small-medium business from the vulnerabilities and threats faced in the modern cyber world. Website: www.cyberwise.au Facebook: CyberwiseAU

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  • SolutionsWon Group

    CONSULT, DESIGN, COLLABORATE, DELIVERUNLOCKING VALUE FROM YOUR PROPERTY AND YOUR BUSINESS SolutionsWon Group specialises in providing end-to-end property solutions for you and your business. We apply our 50+ years of in-house expertise in architecture, process engineering, facility management and project delivery across 4 key service lines – however if you have a left-field property query…

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