Bloomfield & Associates

Fearless and hardworking “we are here to represent you to the Australian Taxation Office.

With attention to detail and a strong focus on the latest changes in tax law our aim is to be the best resource a small business can have. Our staff are well experienced, here for the long haul and more importantly are chosen for their communication skills.

“It’s one thing to do a great tax return & entirely another to have the client understand what is going on.”

Founded in 1998 our firm started with just Louise Bloomfield as a sole trader. There are now 7 staff and we are growing every year. We understand the practical mechanics behind the functioning of a business. Being able to walk a client through the intricacies of establishing a new employee position and then hiring a staff member in a way that meets fair work and the ATO’s compliance requirements. Being able to explain and walk a client through compliance issues regarding a business name or changing the directors of a company. Or dealing with disagreements between directors in a company!

The relationship between our firm and the client is more team related – we are there with you, front and centre, helping you tackle your business dealings as and when they happen. It’s why we push to work to a clients time frame, not ours. Life generally doesn’t play to a date on a calendar!

Tax strategy forms part of the founding elements of the relationship between the client and our firm. It has to be a strategy that supports both functions today and functions in upcoming years. It has to be legally strong as well as flexible for alteration as the firm morphs and grows.

Asset protection for instance has had a significant change in legal address over the past 5 years in Australia- and tax structures have had to alter to work with this.