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Ball & Chain Grill

The Restaurant

The Ball and Chain Steak Restaurant Hobart is situated in the heart of historic Salamanca Place.

Construction of Salamanca Place and the Hobart wharf area commenced at the instigation of Governor Arthur in 1830 and took chain gangs of convicts some 18 months to build. 

Today, the Ball and Chain is a popular, modern eating house, specialising in steaks, local seafood and game dishes, all cooked on an authentic charcoal grill.

Our fine cuisine, casual atmosphere and reputation for excellence appeal to both locals and tourists alike.

The Grill

The quality of our food is second to none. How we cook it only enhances the flavour. Our first responsibility daily is to prepare the grill.

Using only charcoal (no gas or electricity) we monitor the flame and temperature to make sure there is a glowing, toasty chargrill ready to cook your choice to perfection.

The results are unique flavour, beautiful texture and an eating experience exclusive to the Ball & Chain Grill.

Steaks are our specialty – we carefully choose and age our own meat mostly from local farms and suppliers.