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UTAS Melville Street Development Application Failed Sniff Test

We believe we may have sighted a number of misleading elements within the Development Application proposed by Utas for the Melville Street area.

‘It concerned us that such a large development which clearly was going to impact so many local small businesses and surrounding residents was being pushed through so quickly. We felt it needed a closer examination. ‘

Confederation of Greater Hobart Business Ltd has been working with Denis Mcloughlin, Cassie Midgley, Louise Elliot and the Save Utas Campus Inc.

One of the odd elements was how within the DA the words ‘Temporary Parklet’ was consistently used with capitals which was out of context with the document.  It was then made clear that ‘Temporary Parklet’ was referring to the PROJECT NAME – not a mere description. The formal name of the project is ‘Temporary Parklet including Public Street Furniture, Landscaping, and Bicycle Lane and Removal of Car Parking Spaces and Alterations of Traffic Layout’ When you look closer at the development itself you realise that the project was realistically unable to meet the planning definition of a temporary structure as it would be installed well in excess of the expected time frame in the planning scheme.  These words were used to encourage the reader to make an improper assumption as to the intent of the development overall.

But that was not all we found.

Volume difference plots of the project showed increased traffic volume into the area and less out overall. It leads us to believe that perhaps UTAS has a teleport system in the works?  Or was it there merely to mislead the reader to assume the narrative that traffic flow will be mostly unaffected.

Pressuring the public and the Aldermen/Councilors/HCC Staff to process this development application unusually quickly the above two points would have been reasonably expected to be overlooked and supplied an understanding which could only be completely different to reality.

We believe that this Development application should never have seen the light of day and only demonstrates a complete contempt for the people and small businesses of Hobart with clearly deceptive inferences throughout the document.

It brings further concern to the secret deals that Utas has insisted upon with the Hobart City Council regarding payments and other agreements associated we assume with supply of resources.

We are of course grateful to see that UTAS has now pulled this application from council and call for Professor Black to resign from his position as Vice Chancellor of Utas immediately.

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