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We are the independent voice for Greater Hobart Small to Medium Business. Our aim is to create and maintain the best environment for small/medium business to be able to both start and flourish within the Greater Hobart locale.


To provide advocacy and lobbying on behalf of members To provide regular monthly low cost networking events To obtain information on local issues and ideas from members.


UTAS is forcing ahead move ahead of consultation

Whilst the 80 person ‘Shake up Community Panel’ is yet to be formed, it appears that Professor Black has in fact sped up the move by 2 years.

Whilst delivering a webinar on small business topics, news came in via the National Tertiary Education Union that 3000 students will be moved to the KPMG building in January 2023.

There are no provisions for car parks with this move at all – including access for people with disability. This is in stark contrast to the promised underground parking to be installed prior to the Forestry building be refitted and used.

Small business owners are left wondering where their customers are going to find parking come February 2023 when the University starts it first term.

‘It is a complete betrayal of trust that the University of Tasmania feels it can railroad the small business community by soaking up all available parking for its own use’ said Louise Bloomfield, Chair of the Confederation of Greater Hobart Business Ltd.

‘Local and State Governments should take note what happens in direct vicinity around any tertiary establishment this size in any other city – including that of Launceston – small businesses fail, move and close. Students are unable to supply local businesses with much in the way of disposable income due to the high rent, cost of living and tertiary fees they already suffer. Our central business district will be diminished instead of supported. Residents near and far are indicating that this is absolutely not a vision they wish to see or share. ‘

Louise Bloomfield calls on the State Government to please step in as a matter of urgency to ensure that this move does not go ahead in January and that the promised consultation with the community and Legislative Council investigations be completed before any further moves occur.

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