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We are the independent voice for Greater Hobart Small to Medium Business. Our aim is to create and maintain the best environment for small/medium business to be able to both start and flourish within the Greater Hobart locale.


To provide advocacy and lobbying on behalf of members To provide regular monthly low cost networking events To obtain information on local issues and ideas from members.


Round 2 Border Closure Grants NEED to be paid BEFORE Christmas!


Business Hardship- Border Closure Critical Support Grant Round 2 NOT PAID

The Chairman of the Confederation of Greater Hobart Business Ltd is highly concerned with the slow rate of release of Grant monies from the second round of Border Closure Critical Support Grants for Micro and Small Businesses.

“The Grant applications closed on the 25th of November 2021, and the experience of most applicants has been to receive 2 emails, neither of which give any idea regarding the success of the application nor a time frame for the Grant to be paid.”

“We urge the Department of State Growth to please ensure that the Grant monies are paid prior to Christmas to support all those small and micro businesses who close down over that period.”

“Any business who has suffered a 30% drop in income compared to previous trading years cannot be doing that well and the need would be genuine.”

It was interesting to note that over 1000 applications were made for this Grant which appears to have caught the Department of State Growth off guard.  The range of business types were also much broader than before – showing that the border closure affected much more of the local trading economy that first thought.

We look forward to seeing this matter being resolved as quickly as possible.

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