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We are the independent voice for Greater Hobart Small to Medium Business. Our aim is to create and maintain the best environment for small/medium business to be able to both start and flourish within the Greater Hobart locale.


To provide advocacy and lobbying on behalf of members To provide regular monthly low cost networking events To obtain information on local issues and ideas from members.


Responsible Small Business Owners shouldn’t be fed to the wolves.

Business Closures paying too high a price for following COVID rules

The Confederation of Greater Hobart Business Ltd is highly concerned with the way small businesses who have chosen to close are being treated by State Government.

All responsible small business owners have as mandated by State Government established a thorough COVID plan.  This plan directs the business owner in the event that their business becomes either exposed to COVID infection or if a staff member tests positive for COVID.

Small businesses who lose key staff to COVID infection or find themselves at the centre of a COVID exposure site generally will find themselves with no option but to close.  This is not a matter of choice or a virtue signal – but a legal responsibility.  It is highly concerning to find elected members being publicly dismissive of what is effectively the result of their own legal mandate.

Frankly the number of businesses we are seeing close may well be just the start of a rolling set of closures for months to come as the COVID plans are instigated and followed.  This was always the primary concern for most small business owners post the 15th of December.

“In a post-lockdown world most small businesses have already used up their working capital and these rolling closures through no fault of their own may well be beginning of the end for many.”

“This doesn’t just cost the community a profound loss in the goods and services the community expects to enjoy but will certainly start reflecting in job losses and loss of income for a significant portion of the community”

“We ask that the State Government consider as a matter of urgency a form of grant supplement to support those employers and small business owners who having followed their COVID plan have been forced to limit or stop trading.”

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