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We are the independent voice for Greater Hobart Small to Medium Business. Our aim is to create and maintain the best environment for small/medium business to be able to both start and flourish within the Greater Hobart locale.


To provide advocacy and lobbying on behalf of members To provide regular monthly low cost networking events To obtain information on local issues and ideas from members.


Hobart City Council must listen to small businesses

“This past week it has never been so clear how little interest the majority of the Hobart City Council Aldermen has in small businesses’ survival” the Chairman of the Confederation of Greater Hobart Business Ltd, Louise Bloomfield states.

“It appears no matter how the message is put across – including over 1000 signature petitions presented in a very short span of time – the Council would rather have family business continue to suffer losses up and over $5000 a week than to do something as simple as a temporary hold on parking fees in North Hobart.”

The aldermen would do well to remember that the tank is already empty, there is no rainy day fund left to reach for and cover these losses. It can only result in job losses, poor credit and ultimately business closures as the customers find themselves unable to engage with the businesses and go elsewhere.

“It is common knowledge that this kind of financial pressure will impact severely on mental health – which is already off the charts with 1 in 5 Australians reporting either high or very high levels of psychological distress” (ABS)

“What kind of realistic outcome do they honestly expect will come out of the Councils decision to ‘wait until the report comes out’ If the Hobart City Council Alderman read earlier consultative reports they funded themselves on the area, they would remember that the community values their local small businesses over and above larger National counterparts – for they contribute so much culture local flavour to the area. We need to be sure that the functional environment allows them to continue operating as a priority.

It is hoped that the Hobart City Council will reconsider this poorly thought out decision and immediately remove all parking fees from the North Hobart area.

For further details contact Louise Bloomfield directly on 0418 388 164

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