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Elizabeth Street Parklets – Evidence appears to be ignored by Hobart City Council.

On the 15th of March 2022 I asked a question to the Hobart City Council as follows

The parklets installed in Elizabeth Street are a disgrace. Nearly 50% of the plant life is now dead and it looks dreadful.
I have pictures evidencing at 12:20pm both Thursday 10 March and Friday 11 March 2022, there is no-one using these areas.
When are they going to be admitted as an utter failure for the area and be removed? The small businesses in the area are in desperate need of these parking spaces back.

This morning we finally received an answer from CEO Kelly Grigsby on behalf of the Hobart City Council – its quite odd given my above points made.

The outdoor dining decks (parklets) have been well utilised around the city during the day and in the evening with the spaces regularly maintained by the City and traders including the plants within the planter boxes.

If I have evidence demonstrating that in the gorgeous sunny lunchtime’s the seats are empty, and that the plants are dying and looking dreadful – how can this point be reasonably made? I will note that even more (expensive) maintenance including pruning and removal/replacement of more plants has occurred since my question was placed. How much more evidence do the local traders need to supply to prove this area is not successfully used as suggested by Council?

Interesting to note that the reply also mentioned that another survey is coming to ‘businesses’ and a place score assessment will be done. Given the fact that prior surveys were very limited to who got asked to fill them in – I am not holding my breath here. Reminds me of the ‘Round Table Consultations done’ where just 5 business representatives attended each meeting set up – on invite only and more Council staff were present than ratepayers!

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