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CLAYTON’s Grant not acceptable to small business

The small business community had been waiting for some weeks
now for the release of the COVID-19 Business Impact Support
Program given the dramatic impact on sales, supply and staffing as
a direct result of the 15th December 2021 border opening.

Clearly the Government has forgotten that small business this time
last year was in the throes of jobkeeper – which was taken up by a
large proportion of the small business community.

The eligibility test for this small grant (being 30% down on 2020
trading figures) makes a mockery of the real trading issues. If a
small business was eligible for job keeper last year then this test
expects them to be 51% down or MORE on 2019 trading figures!

As an example a business with sales of $100,000 in 2019 and
obtained job keeper in 2020 would need sales of just $49,000 to
obtain this $1,000 to $5,000 grant a literal ‘drop in the bucket’.

The question is – if you are trading at 51% or less from your 2019
gross trading figures is $1,000 going to provide anything useful to
the drowning business owner?

We ask that the State Government please adjust the criteria to
allow for the comparative trading figures to be pulled from
the 2019 year instead when attempting to verify a fall in gross

We also ask that the grant’s value please be re-assessed to
values that result in genuine support in these difficult times.

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