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We are the independent voice for Greater Hobart Small to Medium Business. Our aim is to create and maintain the best environment for small/medium business to be able to both start and flourish within the Greater Hobart locale.


To provide advocacy and lobbying on behalf of members To provide regular monthly low cost networking events To obtain information on local issues and ideas from members.


Business Hardship – Border Closure Critical Support Grant too restrictive

The Chairman of the Confederation of Greater Hobart Business Ltd says that the grant offerings are far too restrictive and fail to reach many deserving small businesses suffering due to border closures.

“Whilst we congratulate the State Government in being proactive and supportive with these measures we ask that they please reconsider the ‘smaller end of town’ and include them as well”

“The test of a $50,000 turnover that needs to have occurred DURING the COVID times has created unreachable criteria for
many – in particular small hotels who would have easily made closer to $100,000 during a normal (pre COVID) year.”

“We note that Airbnb operators are left off the map in many cases with the expectation of a registered ABN since or before 1 May 2021 despite the fact that their business model is one of the more profoundly affected – combine this with the $50,000 turnover requirement and it is highly unlikely any make eligibility at all”

“We welcome the impact registration form so that small businesses can at least personally approach the State Government with their individual stories in the hope that a more targeted grant may be released”

“A base line of $20,000 turnover in a prior period instead of the $50,000 would be far more fitting as it demonstrates more closely the reality of a functioning small business”

For further details contact Louise Bloomfield directly on 0418 388 164

Louise Bloomfield

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