Jill Cooper Nutritional Therapist

I am passionate about functional nutrition, from ‘Chew to Poo’, to empower you to take control of your own health and mindset. Focusing on real food that suits your body’s individual nutritional, mindset and lifestyle needs. The plethora of ‘diets’, ‘wonder’ foods and nutritional information that bombards our media can be confusing as there is no one fix for all. Most of us ignore our body’s cries for help – exhaustion, food sensitivities, weight gain or digestive issues. Our body knows how to heal itself but with so much confusion about what to eat, we question our decisions. I offer a 5-week fully supported Restart Your Health Program (aka sugar and processed food detox). This program is educational, fun and gives you the understanding and mindset techniques to make good nutritional choices in the future. To dig deeper into particular health concerns I use non-invasive evaluative techniques, to identify what will nourish your body and help you to find its healthy equilibrium. I would love to be part of your health puzzle, please contact me to book your free 20 min phone consultation to discuss your specific needs.