IT’S HOPE - Grief Recovery

IT’S HOPE – The Grief Recovery Specialist specialises as a bereavement, loss, and grief service provider within the community, educating and providing services to all people and organisations whatever their loss. IT’S HOPE providing an empathetic and personalised service within a guided program that is not offered by any other service provider within Tasmania. Services differ from the current coaching and counselling models on offer through mental health services and allied health providers. The services are a preventative measure rather than a reactive response and provide an additional resource to current mental services rather than sitting in competition with current resources. There are an array of programs and services to assist individuals let go of emotional pain caused by grief and loss to enable them to live life to their fullest. The programs are educational, providing an holistic pre-emptive approach to current mental health services and networks. Services are tailored to organisations and individuals impacted by grief who are willing to take grief recovery actions to support themselves. With affiliations and referral sources from medical practices and organisations, there are a variety of structured, tailored and action evidence-based grief recovery educational programs on offer focussed on personal, individual, and organisational needs. In addition to the program offerings, individual coaching, counselling, and crisis support as well as organisational workshops are available.